NAIP Portfolio

HAFNARFJÖRÐUR - Short Film Project - IP Introductory Course  NAIP 2017

Melody Jo Emelie Grome, Sofie Gynning Högbom, Mariana Hutchinson Siemers, Kaisamaija Uljas, Valentin valle Doering, Bernt Karsten Sannerud and Arnold Ludvig.

RAVEN SCAPE (Working title) composed by Arnold Ludvig in 2019

A sketch of a new composition created in NUENDO by Arnold Ludvig with midi instruments and fretless electric bass by Arnold Ludvig, as part of his final NAIP project.

Artistic Practice = Intuitive Expression 

Independant project for MUSIC in DIALOG / NAIP with Berglind Maria Tómasdóttir

Created by Arnold Ludvig in May 2018

Katuaq Song MonkeyRat ft TuuMotz - Independant project 

Katuaq Song was co-written by Anna Iachino, Peter Tuusi Motzfeldt (lyrics) and Arnold Ludvig (composition/horn arragement) for the concert with MonkeyRat ft TuuMotz at Katuaq Cultural Center in Nuuk, Greenland on November 18th 2017.

Plúmm – Recording Project 2017-19
In September 2018, during my 1st NAIP term, I flew to to Faroe Islands for a one-week recording session with the Faroese band, PLÚMM. This is my very first band, which I co-founded in 1984 with some of my closest friends, who all are brilliant musicians and composers in their own right. This album project includes 8 compositions by our guitarist, Leivur Thomsen, who also is the project-leader. The album is due for release in the spring of 2019, after an extensive post-production period.

Heðin Ziska Davidsen ft. Arnold Ludvig on bass

Gita, to guess – Performative soundscape and concert – At the core of "Gita, to guess" is the relationship between signal and noise – What sounds are intended and what sounds just are? Are you attending a performance or are you a part of a performance? When did it start?

ARNOLD LUDVIG QUINTET - album project - Part of final NAIP / PIP

The Creative Process - The Journey

One important milestone on this journey is the 2018 concert at Maggies Café in the Faroe Islands, which was released on the café’s YouTube channel on July 28th that year.

in September 2018, Arnold Ludvig generate a synth-like whistle-sound effect, using Ableton Live, on his fretless bass sound, when recording this bass-solo for the 2019 Alda Magna album. Here Arnold is discussing it in an Ableton lesson with his tech-teacher, Jesper Pedersen at IUA in 2019.

This new approach, using electronic has opened a whole new outlet for my creative impulses.

DEVISED THEATER - 2018 - A Musical Satire

Iceland University of the Arts - Theater and Music Departments

My role in the production was to play the bass, and to compose and co-compose music for BRANSINN, which was a mostly collective creation. We, the musicians, also contributed to the writing of sketches and songs early on in the 5 week process.

Capturing and developing auditory ideas  - NAIP Course with Kurt Uelnala

Sound Exsample 1 - Sound track with original samples and digital effect processing

in Ableton LIVE -  Created by Arnold Ludvig

Sound example 2 - Arnold Ludvig created the whistling sound out of sampling his own whistling and transforming that into a midi sound. Automation was used to control the sections, A, B, C etc. during the recording of the track.

Sound example 3 - Here Arnold has created midi sound out of sampling his own voice and using that to assimulate a choir and "sub-bass" singing. And more whistling.